Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Rodeo & Concert Ticket Info.
I have a Concert Only ticket, can I exchange for a Concert & Rodeo ticket?
Should be able to. Transfer to ticket office and they will handle

When can you purchase tickets at the gate/boxoffice?
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 9am till closing

When we order tickets online is it okay to show the tickets by phone? Instead of printing it out
Yes. We can scan the tickets right off of your phone.

What are the ticket prices for the Rodeo and the Concert?

Can I buy a rodeo ONLY ticket?
No, the concert is included with the price of the rodeo ticket
However you can buy a concert only ticket.

Can I buy a concert only ticket?

What do we do with exchange passes?
Arrive an hour before and exchange the pass at the ticket office.

Where can I buy tickets?
BootJack ValleyWide, Stitch Gallery in Harlingen, City of Los Fresnos

Do I need to print out my ticket?
No, we can scan from your phone.

Can I leave the rodeo performance & come back in?
Yes, make sure you get a stamp from a gate attendant

Rodeo & Concert Times: :
What time is the rodeo each day?

How long are the rodeo performances
Around 2.5 hours

When does the concert start?
Grupo Control - After the rodeo, around 9:30-10pm. Be here around 9pm.
Kevin Fowler - After the rodeo, around 9:30pm -10pm. Matt & The Herdsmen will be the opening act followed by Kevin Fowler

Carnival Info:
How much are carnival wristbands?
Unlimited Carnival wristbands are $20 on Friday and Sunday and $25 on Saturday

What are the hours of the carnival?

What are the ages and Height for the carnival?
Each ride is different

Parking Info:
What does it cost to park?
The parking fee is $5 per car. You will pay this fee as you enter the fairgrounds. This fee gets you access to the local band stage, attractions, the carnival, livestock show, and the home show exhibits!

Can you buy parking ahead of time?
No, you pay cash at the gate. No bills larger than $20.

Other FAQs:
Do children get in free?
Children 3 and up will require a ticket and seat.

Can I bring my dog, cat, or other animals to the grounds?
No, pets are strictly forbidden.
All livestock entering the grounds must be registered to participate in the Cameron County Livestock Show or in the Los Fresnos Rodeo. All others are strictly forbidden.

Are there ATMs available on site?
Yes, there will be multiple ATM locations available on the grounds.

What forms of payments do we take?
You can purchase tickets with Credit, Debit or Cash.
No checks accepted
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