Calf Scramble Registration

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Calf Scramble Registration

The calf scramble is held at intermission during each performance of the Los Fresnos PRCA Rodeo and is ONLY open to the student exhibitors of the Cameron County Livestock Show. If you do not have an exhibit at the Cameron County Livestock Show, you are not eligible to enter the Calf Scramble.

Rules & Regulations


Rules and Regulations:
  1. The Los Fresnos Rodeo Committee, Inc. and Cameron County Fair & Livestock Show will not be responsible for any accidents with the calf scramble.
  2. Qualifications for contestants are:
    1. Contestants must be members of a 4-H or FFA Club.
    2. Contestants must be showing their animals at the 2024 CCFLS.
    3. Home show only contestants are not eligible to participate.
  3. Contestants must be in good health and be physically fit to participate.
  4. In the older groups, each contestant catching a calf is required to put the halter on and pull the calf across the finish line without aid. In the younger groups, each contestant is required to untie the ribbon on the calf and cross the finish line. Referees will declare winners.
  5. If a contestant has hold of a calf, no other contestant will be allowed to touch the calf unless it breaks away.
  6. If two or more contestants catch the same calf, they will be ordered by the referee to release it.
  7. Poor sportsmanship will automatically disqualify any contestant, and undue roughness will not be tolerated.
  8. Each child who wishes to participate must submit a Minor's Release.
  9. No more than 30 contestants will be allowed in each group. If there are more than 30 contestants names will be drawn to determine who will participate.
  10. Scholarships will be given immediately to three (3) winners in each group as follows; First Place $200, Second Place $100, Third Place $50. Participant Ribbons will be given to the remainder of contestants.
  11. The scholarships must be used for the purchase of an animal or feed for an animal which will be their project for the CCFLS.
  12. There will be 6 groups, with a male and female group during each rodeo performance. The order will be as follows.
Friday, February 16 @ 7:30 pm – Boys & Girls (Grade 9 -12)
Saturday, February 17 @ 7 pm - Boys & Girls (Grade 6 - 8)
Sunday, February 18 @ 3 pm - Boys & Girls (Grade 3 – 5)

Calf Scramble Contact

Have Questions or Submit Forms to:
Mark Milum

Special thanks to our Calf Scramble Sponsor:

Laguna Madre Psychology
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