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Become a Volunteer

Would you like to join our group of Volunteers?

Our entire organization is 100% volunteer and has been since day one. We share a love Rodeo and have a deep sense of community. if you would like to join our group of volunteers, we'd love to have you!

What roles and jobs do we need?

If you have a skill or passion, we've got a job for you at our event. it doesn't matter if you only have a few hours or your willing to work the entire event, we can use you! Below is a list of some of the jobs that our volunteers can assist with:
- Answering phones, parking cars, serving our concession vendors, selling tickets, ticket gate, and a a whole lot more.

How do we get involved?

Jerry Bruce is our our Director in charge of volunteers. Please feel free to reach out to him and he will start the process of getting you involved.
Once he has your information, he will get you in touch with our various program directors and get you on our scheudle.
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